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BTCDraft provides users with the opportunity to use their skills in games focused primarily on the knowledge of arcade and casino games. The sports gambling platform, and subsequent efforts, including the auction house and a fully functional casino, will be available. Integral to the concept of BTCDraft, is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for our crypto gaming platform. The currency will be used to play games on the site – it’s called DraftCoinZ [DFTZ].

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BTCDraft is the first crypto-currency to have a gaming platform built on top of a blockchain. Along with the use of DFTZ as the game’s website utility currency, we also take advantage of the blockchain technology to store player stats and high scores. We will be providing the highest scoring system possible and strive to provide the best gaming experience to all our users.

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Exploring the new DraftCoinZ – Features – HD Wallet (BIP39) Mnemonic Setup

BTCDrafts’ new DraftCoinZ Wallet and blockchain has so many new features……. This week, we are going to show you how to setup a DraftCoinZ HD wallet using a mnemonic key to allow for easy wallet recovery. Setup and secure your wallet using mnemonic phrases.   See how here : DraftCoinZ HD Wallet Setup – BIP39 Project… Read more »

BTCDraft – DFTZ – Create Your Own Sit & Go Texas Hold-em No Limit – Auto Tournaments – 6 Players registered or more starts the round

BTCDraft is pleased to present our players with the ability to run a Sit and Go Texas Holdem No Limit mini tournament at any time they please.   3 in the afternoon, on Sunday, no problem,  3 am, no problem.  6 players, no problem,  60 players, no problem, just gather your friends and your DFTZ and… Read more »

Verification requirements removed for DFTZ play.

Come play today……… We have been working to remove verification requirements for game play, Investbanks and other items in a effort to migrate to a withdrawal level based verification system supporting the AML rules. We have just pushed those changes to the site for site wide verification removal. You can now play with DFTZ, use… Read more »

DraftCoinZ coin developer and project website online. New DFTZ Faucet.  Project site and Faucet online. Get all of the latest updates on DraftCoinZ development, site development and more.  Grab your free DFTZ from our faucet. Come check it out today. Join us on Telegram: Join us on Discord:

Knock Out Games

Most of the multiplayer games on will be setup in a “knock out” format. The last player standing will win the Jackpot.


Auction House

Our very own auction house will allow users to buy and sell items and hardware in exchange for DFTZ. Weekly jackpots give you a chance to win extra DFT!


Game Developers

Games developers rejoice! If you created a game and want to be added to our selections of games, get in touch today and get paid when users play your game.


Community Contests

We soon will offer contests and promotions at BTCDraft for all our users to participate in. You get the chance to win some DraftCoinZ (DFTZ).


Draftcoin Roadmap


BTC Draft launched DraftCoin originally with 20,000,000 DFT coins. In mid 2020 , DraftCoin launched DFTZ, new coin and blockchain with online masternodes and many needed features. BTCDraft began swapping users from DFT to the new DFTZ in May 2021.

BTCDraft also launched WDFTZ a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network wrapped token version of DFTZ. It is available on 1Inch, Pancake Swap, Sushi Swap and other DEFI outlets. was designed in order to attract crypto enthusiasts, newcomers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as the gaming community awards. Users are able to increase their cryptocurrency holdings using the BTCDraft platform with generous staking rewards and playing fun games.

FDFT will be the FREE PLAY version of DraftCoin available on-site only. All new users who register at will receive free tokens. FDFT can be used to play in all our games. Other functionalities of the token can include raffle tickets and promotional use.

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